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Fair Districts = Fair Elections

Ohioans Strongly Approved in November 2015 Election to
Reform How We Draw State Legislative Districts

Why Ohio Voters
Don't Vote in
Judicial Races !
Why do so many Ohio voters who cast a ballot
skip voting in judicial races?

The reason many voters give for not voting for judges was that they lacked information.
The League hopes to make it easier for voters to learn about candidates running for judicial office.

Visit Judicial Votes Count to learn more about judicial candidates on your ballot.
  • Learn more about Ohio's different courts.
  • Learn more about how to evaluate judicial candidates.
  • Be informed.
  • Then vote!


League of Women Voters of Ohio and Common Cause Ohio Praise Progress on Redistricting Reform, Giving Ohio Voters a Say:

Follow updates as Ohio moves forward in bipartisan manner to address the problems of gerrymandering.

LWV remains committed to advocate for additional reform at the Congressional level.

Toolkit for Climate Action:
Help Protect the Planet

available at above link
Climate Change

The League believes that global climate change is the most serious environmental challenge of our time and that aggressive action is needed if we are to avoid irrevocable damage to our planet. An advocate of strong U.S. action to reduce the threat of global warming since the 1990s, the League has made global climate change a top action priority since 2006.

But it will take action from individuals and government at every level -- local, state, national, and international -- to avert dangerous climate change. And every League has an important role to play in this effort. By raising public awareness of the causes and likely impacts of climate change, by helping citizens learn what they can do to curb global warming, and by building broad support for effective climate solutions, local and state Leagues can help put our country -- and our planet -- on the path to a sustainable future.

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