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Mrs. Carrie Chapman Catt proposed the formation of a national league whose purpose was to instruct women in voting procedures at the National American Suffrage Association in February of 1919, just prior to the ratification of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution. The National League of Women Voters was formally organized a year later in February of 1920 and the Canton Area League was founded just a few months later on June 24, 1920, with 78 charter members.

Although the Canton Area League of Women Voters continues its historic tradition of educating and instructing women, its mission has expanded over the past ninety years to addressing issues of concern not just to the national community but also to our state and local communities, while at the same time developing strategies to improve citizen participation in government and to encourage diversity of representation in the political system.

If you or your organization want to get involved in strengthening civic life in our national, state, and local community, please contact the Canton Area League of Women Voters. There is a place for you to both learn and lead!

How can I join the League?

Contact the Canton Area League in any of these ways:

  • email us at  mail@cantonlwv.org or

    by using the "Contact Us" link in the main menu

  • phone us at  330-649-1905

  • download a membership brochure and join today!
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